Thursday, May 10, 2012

the lyric of the noun and the verb

MCA died.  R.I.P.  
Someone wrote "Reincarnate Immediately Please"  Yes.

This is from "Get it Together" off of Ill Communication from 1994.
I'm the M to the C to the A and it's a must

The rhymes that we bust on the topic of lust
. . . 
I go one two like my name was Biz Mark 
But I had to do the shit just le t me embark
On the lyric and the noun and the verb
Let's kick the shit off cause yo, I'm not the herb
[Ad Rock]

Well, it's not the herb but the spice with the flavor to spare
The Moog with the funk for your derriere

And then this is from Roberto Bolano, "The Savage Detectives" from 1998.
"Then everything turned into a succession of concrete acts and proper nouns and verbs, or pages from an anatomy manual scattered like flower petals, chaotically linked."

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