Sunday, May 5, 2013

the contrarian's proxy argument

Renata Adler, Speedboat, 1971, Chapter 7.  The Agency

"You are no longer expounding a proposition.  You are having a tantrum.  Simon's psychiatrist and I pursued our tantrum, in duet, all evening long.  The horse might have two natural gaits, the Charleston and the entrechat, for all it mattered.  I meant, I didn't like the man and I thought that, within twenty years, his profession would have vanished, leaving no artifacts of any interest except a dazed memory of fifty years of ineffective and remunerative peculation in the work of a single artist, Freud.  I also meant I didn't like his flowered shirt.  He meant, I think, he didn't like me either."

peculate |ˈpekyəˌlāt|verb [ with obj. ] formalembezzle or steal (money, esp. public funds): the people accused them of having peculated the public money.DERIVATIVESpeculation |ˌpekyəˈlāSHən|noun,peculator |-ˌlātər|nounORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from Latin peculat- embezzled, from the verbpeculari (related to peculium property).

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